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2010.04.01. 00:19

Attention internet. This isn't a joke.

The good folks at a local magazine are hosting a contest titled 'Internet Prime Minister'. Out of hundreds of entries, ten made the finals. People with high hopes and hippy goals entered. Some want free internet everywhere. Others would have laptops in public shools instead of books. Then there's some girl who wants to empower the women trend (what the fuck is that) on the internet. Someone needs to show her a porn movie.

The prize is 'all means and backup necessary to make the winner's plan a reality'.

It would have been a simple contest. A great battle of wit. A fair fight of clashing noble causes.

Until someone thought that letting the guy who wants to turn the country in to a communist dictatorship-reality show in the finals is a good idea.

Because that's what this program is about.

Abolish democracy. Declare one ruling party, led by the e-chairman. Employ mass survaillance. Stream the whole thing on the web, make a reality show out of a state even more ridiculous than North Korea. Apply ads, lots of ads, and use the acquired currency to build a nuclear arsenal. Let the national balls drop with cold war fury.

Sponsored by Coca-Cola and motherfucking McDonalds.

For every wife beaten, for every child molested, for every man mugged, for every girl fucked, for every protest quelled, for every man abducted, there's a dollar or more to get.

The voting is on the first of April, 8:00 AM to midnight, timezone: CET+2. A couple of thousand votes total are to be expected.

This isn't about tilting the tide - this is about going motherfucking overboard.

Prime time television is going to broadcast the vote live.

So vote. Vote and vote.

(Radio button under the name 'Varga Gergő Csaba'. Enter CAPTCHA and a valid e-mail. Check incoming mail, click the link to verify your vote. Watch the count fly and the bitches fry.)


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